Friday, February 27, 2009


Love everyday. Simple concept, yet not always so easy. Love the slow driver in front of you when you are late? Love the rude person in the store? Love the politicians and big CEO's? Love when you are angry?

Simple concept and so important. So simple and easy to do. Have a grateful heart. Be glad for all the love in our lives each day.

I went wild drawing with some new Sharpies. In fact, I love them.

Nothing is sewn down, so it will change. The face and hands are paper but will be fabric. I made 3 faces and was not happy with any of them. Thinking of keeping it a very simple line type of drawing. I took a class on how to make fairy cords. Will probably use that technique to make the lines of her face. Remember, love everyday. The fabric is from Cloth and Bobbin in Narberth. They have awesome fabric!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan. I love your creations.