Saturday, June 13, 2009

Art Doll Exhibition

Picture on the left:
Karen Louise Fay, Director of Special ProjectsChristopher Malone, Doll Artist, MDNancy Campbell, Executive Directorelinor peace bailey, Doll Artist, WASusan Osborne, Doll Artist and Exhibition Coordinator, HavertownMary Louisa Klawetter, Doll Artist, NJ
Picture on the right:
Chris Malone and elinor peace bailey
What an amazing weekend! It started with elinor arriving in town and having a lovely dinner with family at my moms house. Saturday we went to the Wayne Art Center so we could check out the teaching space and the show. We stopped at a few shops in Wayne and had lunch at my favorite baker- Great Harvest Bakery for some yummy lunch.
We stopped at Lonni Rossi's shop in Ardmore to check out the beautiful fabrics! Then off to 4th street to the small but fun fabric district. Sunday elinor taught a group of very interested doll makers. She is an awesome teacher and tons of fun. I'll write more about the class again. Been meaning to post this,,,,finally started today! More to come about the opening, show, more pictures etc.

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