Monday, September 21, 2009

New piece

Here is a work in progress. Even though this is in fabric, I consider this a sketch. Parts are stitched down with straight stitches and free motion embroidery. I wonder how long till I need one of those machines with the longer arm? I envision making pieces that are about 5 feet big. This one is about 2' x 3' or so. She'll get some hair, but that will be one of the last parts. Also, want to add some sort of border. I love black and white fabric and use it in many pieces.


Jennifer Maroney said...

Beautiful 'sketch'... what an interesting approach, do you usually work this way?

Susan said...

Thanks! I've been working on these pieces for a year or more,,,I love doing the free motion embroidery embellishment and want to add more more more!! Beads, fibers, found objects etc!