Thursday, May 24, 2012

Art Quilt, Fabric Doodle, Applique

Mimi,,,,not so flying at the moment

Mostly done piece

Free motion around the letters

the yellow with white trim is an old napkin. I don't mind that the white does not extend all the way around. wabi sabi. 

What can I say? My cat thinks she can fly. Really. Just catch her running around the house and it seems like she is chasing some invisible mouse. She jumps of tables and has a Buzz Lightyear type of experience. She is flying,,,or maybe just landing gracefully. She likes to sleep most of the time, but does get her crazy moments. A favorite place to nap is on whatever project I am working on. That does not fly with me (pun intended) so I let her lay on my table for a few minutes, snap a picture, then it's bye bye. This started as a drawing in my sketchbook and made it out of applique. I still have to mount it and frame it,,,,maybe get that done this weekend. I am trying to put my name on pictures, this looks a little clunky, but it was easy to do on my computer. maybe I'll find a better way, that is just as quick.

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