Saturday, September 17, 2011

Art Quilt from a sketch book page

Is it an art quilt? is it a drawing in fabric? Is it a doll that is flattened out and made 2D? Does it really need to have a "category"? It reminds me of making non functional tea pots- are they really tea pots or are they art? And for that matter is it art or craft? This could go on and on, and the point is, that I cannot worry about catagories. I'll just continue on this journey of making things and see where it all leads.
I like the very graphic quality and the contrasting colors. I'm still learning things like binding so this was a good "sampler" of learning/practicing some quilting basics. An odd sort of sampler isn't it? The size is about 18 x 24 or so. It's raw edge applique.  Most of the fabric is from

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