Thursday, March 29, 2012

Machine Embroidery Experiment

Challenge: To take a grouping of beautiful fabric and make a 9 x 12 block that includes Machine Embroidery. Each month at Lonni Rossi's Shop and Studio she hosts the Art Quilt Support Group. It's a great time to get ideas, feedback, share and talk about art quilting. Last month she started a challenge in which we all drew techniques from a hat. Some were using Angelina Fibers, paper piecing, strip piecing. I picked Machine Embroidery. To be honest, I was totally uninspired at first. Blah,,,,what to do!??? But this has been FUN! Here is my work in progress. This has made me try something new on my machine- using the speed controller to adjust the width. What a cool setting! I had to actually dig out the manual and figure out how to do it (that took about 2 minutes) As you stitch, you use the speed dial, and it instead adjusts the stich width.
All layers - but not all fused down yet

 Love how they are 3D- almost did not want to fuse them down!

This one has some satin stitching around the leaves. You can see the different stitch width, of the satin stich on the outline of some of the leaves.Each flower gets a center- which I took off so it did not get in the way while I stitched.

The theme of our blocks is In The Garden

Do you think these are floating in the water? Or perhaps it's the background of a beautiful blue sky!

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